Ill-Effects of Alcohol on the Health of Person

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Health of a person has been deemed of great importance in the present times. People have been neglecting their health due to a number of aspects. As a result, they have been falling sick more than often. Apart from the hectic schedule and bad eating habits, people have been giving into a number of things that would deteriorate their health more. One such thing has been alcohol. There have been considerable bad effects that alcohol has over the health of the person. It is imperative that you have a personal breathalyzer to ensure not to go beyond the limit set up by law for alcohol consumption.

Some of the bad effects of alcohol have been discussed below.

Appetite destroyer and stimulator

Alcohol could be both appetite destroyer and stimulator. Either you would eat too much under the influence of alcohol or you would not eat at all. Both the conditions are not good for your overall health. Too much food intake could make you obese, which would attract a number of other health problems. On the other hand, eating too less would result in poor health conditions. It is a curse and a poison for the health of a person.

Affects the brain and nervous system

It has been a hard-core fact that alcohol has been known to affect the brain and the nervous system of the person addicted to it. In case, you have been consuming too much of alcohol on regular basis, chances are your brain and nervous system would be damaged significantly. Alcohol affects the memory of the person. In addition, it would affect the immunity of the person. It has been known to lower the inhibitions and promote highly impulsive behaviour in the person. The brain has been vulnerable to several injuries and haemorrhage because of excessive alcohol intake.

Harmful effects on liver

In case, you have been consuming alcohol on regular basis, chances are your liver has significantly been affected. Alcohol has been known to affect the liver of the person in a bad manner. It would swell and enlarge in the beginning and then tend to shrink and become small. Fatigue, nervousness, passage of blood, vomiting, dyspepsia and jaundice would be some of the common symptoms associated with cirrhosis of liver.

Other harmful effects associated with alcohol

Alcohol would be devastating for the body. It would be harmful to your mind and emotions as well. Excessive indulgence of alcohol would lead to reduced efficiency, loss of self-reliance, impaired judgement, loss of self-reliance, enhanced liability to auto accidents and general disrespect for law.

Choose the best breathalyzer to avail accurate reading of alcohol consumption.

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