Is Skin Care Important?

  • by Andrew Rory
  • 2 Years ago
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While very few people see it this way, your skin is actually your largest organ, and being an organ, is as important to your overall health and beauty as a properly functioning liver or kidney.

Because the skin is your body’s first line of defence against germs and the elements, regulates your body’s temperature, and excretes toxins, having healthy skin can mean the difference between a lustrous glow and the sick sallow of ill health.

While a healthy complexion boasts smooth texture, even tone, and a radiant glow, unhealthy skin can lead to rashes, sores, acne, thinning and sagging, and premature wrinkles. It leaves your body more susceptible to disease, infection, is less able to heal properly and more prone to scarring. Research shows that cancerous ultraviolet rays are more able to penetrate an unhealthy barrier than a healthy one, so a good sunscreen should be one of your skin’s first lines of defense. Healthy skin requires care both inside and out. A diet rich in antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E, will help your body defend itself against free radicals as well as repair damage as it occurs. Drinking plenty of water also helps skin function properly as a dehydrated cell leads to irritation and inflammation.

Another very important step to healthy skin is adopting a skin care regime that includes safe and natural skin care products, that not only provide sun protection, but also nourish your skin with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to function properly and look healthy. Exfoliation once a week, a non soap based daily cleanser, a toner for PH correction, a light-weight cream specially formulated for the sensitive skin around the eye, and a non occlusive, nourishing and protective day and night time moisturizer should be part of any good skin care regime. You can learn more about the difference and what to look for in beneficial skin care products, and those that can cause greater harm by doing just a little bit of research.

Whether you have a new found desire to look and feel your best, or you’ve been dedicated to a skin care regimen for years, it is beneficial to be educated so that your efforts can be targeted and yield results quickly, rather than being wasted on a lifestyle and products that are not beneficial and may even be harmful. I encourage you to seek out the information and lifestyle that will help you look and feel your very best!

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