7 of the Most Common Myths about Lip Fillers

  • by Andrew Rory
  • 6 Months ago
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Lip augmentation procedures make it possible for women to have fuller, sexier lips after just one treatment. However, there tends to be a bit of confusion about what lip fillers are and what they’re capable of.

Common lip filler myths

Myth 1: Lip filler can be addictive

Fillers can produce amazing results but your face definitely won’t become a slave to injections.

Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid and are designed to be temporary. Once your body dissolves the filler over time, your face will return to normal without looking different in any way. The only “addiction” that could occur is if you love the results of your fillers so much that you want to keep getting them.

Myth 2: Lip fillers look fake and are very obvious

The only time that fillers will give you that fake “plastic” look is if they’re not administered correctly or if too much filler is used. This is why it’s so important to consult with an experienced and qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Myth 3: Lip fillers are painful

Lip fillers may look painful but they’re not as bad as you might think. Most of today’s fillers contain lidocaine, which helps make the procedure more comfortable. Dental blocks can also be injected to make the procedure completely pain-free.

Myth 4: If I am unhappy with my results, it can’t be corrected

This will all depend on the type of filler that has been used. Some fillers can take a year or two to dissolve while fillers that contain hyaluronic acid can be dissolved using an eraser enzyme.

To find out more about lip filler ingredients and the procedures used, visit https://miraclinic.com.au/lip-fillers/

Myth 5: Lip fillers will stretch my lips and they will deflate if I stop using fillers

Hyaluronic fillers can actually increase collagen production so even after the filler dissolves, your skin will be thicker so you won’t be left with stretched, thin skin.

Myth 6: Fillers are only ideal for people with thin lips

Even though most people have fillers injected to add more volume to their lips, they can also be used to correct asymmetrical lips and adjust the Cupid’s bow. Some women also use fillers to correct disproportionate lips, turned down corners of the mouth and plump out dry and cracked lips.

Myth 7: Fillers make your more susceptible to cold sores

There is no proof that lip fillers increase your chances of developing cold sores because they’re completely sterile. The only reason why you would develop cold sores after a filler treatment is because you have a history of them and the procedure puts stress on the lips. If you do have a history of cold sores, let your surgeon or dermatologist know so that they can factor this into your treatments.

Again, as with any type of surgical or non-surgical procedure, be sure to choose a specialist who has the right qualifications and experience as well as positive online reviews.

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