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How The Medical Transcriptionists Are Appointed By The Recruitment Companies?

  • by Andrew Rory
  • 1 year ago
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Career aspiring medical transcriptions often look forward to headhunting agencies for a wonderful placement and vice versa. Often the large MNCs and the top-notch organizations of international repute don’t appoint their employees directly. Instead, they look forward to hiring headhunting agencies to do the recruitment on behalf of them. Hence, most of the time job-seekers get the best jobs in the top corporations via these recruitment agencies. It is also the responsibility of the recruitment agencies to find the best medical coding and billing experts for their client company offering medical transcription and other transcription services.

How do the executive recruitment companies undergo the recruitment procedure?

Improved technology

The majority of the headhunters that are doing excellent in the business are booming with the constant support of the latest screening software. Usually, such software is installed to screen the resumes quickly per demand categorized by the recruitment manager/executive.

Checking the experience

They also find out from which medical transcription school the candidate has been certified and whether it’s accredited or not. Also, they have the personal interviewing software using which they can test the candidate. This helps them in understanding the potential of the aspiring medical transcriptionist. As they are going to document the audio of the doctors or healthcare professionals, they should show the dedication for their job to avoid any error.

Upgraded Database

Most reputed executive recruitment agencies own their separate database. These databases are mainly stored with the data of the job seekers. After rigorous data mining, the prolific companies offering recruitment construct the database with the resumes of the eligible candidates.

Telephonic interview

Depending on the position for which they are hiring, the recruitment companies arrange the interviews with the candidates accordingly. Usually, they have to conduct an online or telephonic interview for the overseas candidates for the job they are offering on behalf of their clients.

HR interview

It is the duty of the executive recruitment representatives to explain the whole job description to the newly recruited employee. Besides, they also have to give the individual the complete list of responsibilities he/she has to take alongside the facilities they will be attuned with. It’s also the responsibility of the HR to make them know about the company and their position. Later on, they also offer the relevant papers along with the offer letter. There the working hours, list of holidays, and salary details are mentioned.

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