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Photofacial Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments For Eliminating Blood Vessels And Age Spots

  • by Andrew Rory
  • 8 Months ago
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Photo facial skin care treatments use intense pulsed light that are safe methods. It eliminate pigmentation, brown spots, and broken or excess of blood vessels from the face. It is helpful for treating the skin around the chin, nose and cheeks effectively and prevents symptoms of aging and sun damage.

What are age spots?

Brown spots are also called as age spots that are caused due to pigmentation that shows up on the skin. These spots appear to safeguard skin from the harmful ultraviolet sun rays. New blood vessels develop under the skin to deal with skin injury.

With the passing years, the broken blood vessels and brown spots make a mark on the skin post skin injury and the inflammation. These red vascular and pigmented spots create an aged multicolored appearance on the facial skin. This is called as dyschromia. It is an indicator of facial aging.

How does Photo facial skin rejuvenation system work?

anti againg photofacial and skin rejuvenation treatment work by applying a flash of intense light via a filter that enables a particular color of light to pass through it and get applied on the skin. In this treatment, light of specific wavelength i.e., 550nm is used. This light is absorbed by the brown pigment present in an age spot. The heat obtained from the photo facial light eliminates the pigment by way of heating the blood vessels.

With the help of color filters placed in the intense pulsed light ray, a wide range of colors are allowed to treat several types of skin conditions. It includes hair removal, acne etc.

How is this process different than laser treatment?

Unlike lasers, that cause your skin to get peeled and develop scars, photo facial treatment is very gentle over the skin. The pigment present in the brown spot or age spot starts to darken slightly. The treated blood vessel also tends to get darken. However, the skin remains intact and the treated regions may also be little pink for a few minutes. In a day’s time, this pinkness will vanish and you can resume your work the next day.


Photo facial skin enhancement treatments are an effective means to remove skin pigmentation, brown spots, tiny red spots, age spots, and broken blood vessels. Photo facial treatment is an exemplary and result oriented treatment compared to all other laser treatments for pigment and vascular lesions.

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