Single Motherhood- A Blessing for Modern Woman

  • by Andrew Rory
  • 4 Months ago
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Marriage will always hold a special place in our society. A couple gets married to spend rest of their lives together and give birth to children to start a beautiful journey of parenthood. However, it has also been observed that some females find it hard to meet their soul mate. They have to spend their lives alone. It might be difficult for them to have no one by their side. That’s when, they decide to go for single parent and either adopt a child or give birth to one.

Gone are the days when single parenthood for a social stigma for women. These days, females professionally make a special place for themselves and can raise a child without any male support. Some of them feel that at the age of 35, they are still unable to find a right man which whom they can spend the rest of their lives and start a family. In such cases, single motherhood is the best option for them. A female can give birth to a child and raise him or her with best of her own resources.

Medical reasons to become single mother

If we ignore the emotional issues which are responsible for single motherhood, medical reasons are plenty. The fertility of a female is one of the major reasons why she decides to become single parent. It has been observed that the fertility of a female drops after the age of 35. Likewise, till 40 and further, the chances of becoming a mother become very low. Some females who have lost their partners and don’t want to resettle choose to stay single. They opt for becoming a single parent and give birth to a child. They can contact certain clinics and seek egg donors so that they can give birth to a child and remain single at the same time.

Many a times, females become professionally stable but unable to find the right match. They are financially so independent that they can easily raise a child. Such females opt for this way to become mother and enjoy the company of a child for their lifetimes.

As the medical treatments have advanced, such females are more open to the treatments, which can give them the blessing of a child. They don’t have to take the permission to become a parent because they are ready to become one financially, physically and emotionally. They live lives on their own terms.

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