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What you Should Know about Dental Decays in Children

  • by Andrew Rory
  • 5 Months ago
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If you are like other parents, it can be hard to make time to bring your child to their dentist. However, this is something you should do twice every year. Otherwise, your child may develop dental decay. Aside from ensuring your child uses a functional toothbrush and knowing
how to choose the best children’s toothpaste, you must understand why it is necessary to maintain good oral health. You can do this by learning more things about the mouth in general. You can only help your child develop a good dental and oral health habit when you know what could happen if they don’t maintain proper oral hygiene. Read on to educate yourself:

How to Maintain a Healthy Environment in the Mouth

A healthy mouth environment doesn’t have harmful bacteria. An unhealthy mouth environment happens when your child starts to suffer from dental decay and infections. Therefore, a problematic tooth can be a nuisance, causing other teeth and other parts of the mouth to suffer. You can prevent this by scheduling biannual dental cleanings to make sure the decay is removed as soon as when starts to form. Addressing dental decay early enough can help in maintaining a healthy mouth environment and prevent future oral health issues.

How a Tooth can Decay

Whenever your child eats, food particles can get on the teeth and keep sugar there. The food will start to result in plaque formation. The plaque can secrete an acid which attacks the teeth. This can be prevented by ensuring your child brushes their teeth after eating. But, it is important to remove the plaque as it will continue to produce acid that will attack the teeth. Eventually, the teeth’s enamel will give way, causing the formation of a small hole. The tooth decay can continuously spread throughout the tooth and possibly infect the tooth’s center. Foods such as ice cream, soda, juice, high-sugar cereal, cookies, cakes, and pretty much anything with sugar can increase your child’s likelihood to suffer from tooth decay.

Dental Decay Treatment

Your child’s dentist can perform an examination and may have to take X-rays. Then, they will remove the decayed part of the tooth. Once done, they will clean the area and put a dental filling. This filling takes the natural color of the teeth so they can easily blend with your child’s natural tooth structure. But, before they perform these procedures, they may have to numb the area and offer your child pain medication.

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